Why Mira Vista Aviation is a Triple Threat

Mira Vista Aviation is proud to announce it is ARG/US Platinum Certified, holds IS-BAO rating and is a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator. Each award was a necessary step forward in Mira Vista’s commitment to a robust safety culture.

Mira Vista took on the rigorous auditing offered by each agency to separate it from the thousands of other air charter operators in the U.S. The operations department at Mira Vista made it all possible by holding our processes to the highest standards and by relentless dedication to self-improvement. The awards verified the hard work and professionalism of Mira Vista’s operations team and elevated the company among the very best in the aviation business.

What do each of the listed achievements mean?

ARG/US International is an independent corporation that has developed a safety rating system for aircraft operators. It assigns a grade of Gold, Gold-Plus or Platinum to companies based on how well they are reaching their unique safety objectives. Platinum-rated companies represent less than 5 percent of the total industry operators overviewed by ARG/US International. Mira Vista, with the help of Mac Air Inc., is proud to have achieved an ARG/US Platinum rating for more than 10 continuous years.

Wyvern’s Wingman Certification is the industry’s most challenging and rewarding certification to achieve. Certified Wingman operators undergo an audit every 24 months to exceed standard air safety regulations by demonstrating the best aviation practices. This is known as The Wingman Standard. Mira Vista is proud to have Wyvern working alongside to ensure safe, proactive risk management practices.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a code of best practices designed to achieve high levels of safety and professionalism. It was created by International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations to aid flight departments in achieving goals. Mira Vista stands by the IS-BAO code and its goal to empower organizations to be more involved in safety culture.

Mira Vista Aviation will continue to uphold and seek the highest-regarded safety standards. Safety results in well-orchestrated travels for our customers and owners; this is our ultimate goal. No distance is too far; no goal is too lofty.