"The Mira Vista Vision is to continually improve the experience of private air travel. This vision is at the center of every procedure, from operations and safety down to the smallest detail of in-flight services."

                                                                                                                      - Patrick Lindsey, President of Mira Vista Aviation


Mira Vista Aviation is rejuvenating aircraft management through new ideas and old values. Mira Vista sensibly manages your aircraft and offers a premier charter experience that will transport you to your destination of choice and to the days where flying high was an adventurous luxury. 

Mira Vista Aviation President Patrick Lindsey is a pilot and jet owner. He started Mira Vista as a management business with an owner's viewpoint. This view allows us to exceed expectations and better care for our customers. Mira Vista offers strategic fleet cost-savings programs and the ability to generate charter hours for offset, and we promise to maintain your aircraft to the highest standards. From world-class ownership to impeccable on-demand jet charter, no distance is too far. 


Servicing aircraft owners with world-class, world-reaching operations, acquisitions and aircraft maintenance available 24/7/365 is no simple task. But we’re up for the challenge. Mira Vista promises to be a corporation of transparency where safety always comes first and no expense is spared for the comfort of the client. We aim to stray from the saying, "But it's always been done this way." Therefore, we're always improving our practices so we may better serve our clients. 


Mira Vista Aviation was built on the foundation of the highly reputable Mac Air Inc. Founded in 2000, Mac Air quickly became a diversified corporate aviation service company regarded for its experience and award-winning safety practices. Backed by safety programs and a leadership team with years of collective aviation expertise, the Mira Vista team delivers excellence in aircraft management, on-demand charter, and aircraft sales and acquisitions.