Finding Dori

Mira Vista Aviation began with a mixture of feelings. There was the frustration of not receiving the service desired as a jet owner and the adrenaline of finally putting a foot down and doing something about the problem. After the storm, comes the calm. Unfortunately, in business that calm is just the waiting period where one twiddles fingers in anticipation of approvals to move the business forward.

Mira Vista was in the building process for more than a year. In late 2015, President Patrick Lindsey began studying and exploring different paths to make his dream a reality. But one day a more certain path became clear. In February 2016, Lindsey was introduced to businessman and owner of Mac Air Inc., Dori Abouzeid.

Mutual friends introduced the two businessmen. There was an initial understanding that one man was ready to move to a new venture, and the other was ready to make his dreams into reality. Over a game of golf, Abouzeid conveyed he was willing to pass on his hard work to someone ready and able to continue his good name.

Abouzeid started Mac Air Inc. in 2000, and it quickly became a diversified corporate aviation service company regarded for experience, customer service and award-winning safety practices. After 16 years, Abouzeid decided he wanted to step away from Mac Air Inc. to invest more of his time in another aviation business he started in Iraq.

During the process of setting up the purchase agreement, Lindsey developed a great deal of respect for Abouzeid. Lindsey noted Abouzeid’s appreciation toward both clients and staff was second to none. Abouzeid is a seasoned, enlightened and tough business man – one Lindsey felt anxious to learn from and get to know through the process.

The two men share common ground away from the golf course. Both Lindsey and Abouzeid are pilots and share the elevated gift of the 50,000-foot thinker. The two men have a passion for business projection. Abouzeid spent many conversations passing down his years of experience as he and Lindsey discussed the future of Mira Vista Aviation.

In early December 2016, Lindsey and Abouzeid closed on a purchase agreement. Abouzeid officially turned over Mac Air Inc. to Lindsey, and Lindsey began Mira Vista Aviation. Once the purchase was final, Mira Vista Aviation assumed two locations in the Los Angeles area – the original location in Van Nuys, California, and the Mac Air Inc. location in Santa Ana, California.

Mira Vista Aviation aims to continue and build on the impeccable reputation of Mac Air Inc.

"The Mira Vista vision is to continually improve the experience of private air travel,” Lindsey said. “This vision is at the center of every procedure, from operations and safety down to the smallest detail of in-flight services. I want to hire people who are willing to explore the possibilities of what better looks like. I want to give each owner and charter the best experience, simply because that is what I would want and how I would like to be treated."