Can you see me now? Aircraft Management “Transparency”

Transparency is defined as operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. In the aircraft management industry, transparency is a word that is used incessantly in promotional materials. However, the experiences afforded to an aircraft owner have not consistently lived up to the accepted definition of the word transparent. 

At Mira Vista Aviation, our highly experienced management experts deliver a management experience built entirely upon an accountable and transparent management reporting foundation for our aircraft owners. We openly disclose where and how Mira Vista earns its paycheck. A far cry from the detective work some aircraft owners do to determine if General Ted, in the hangar, for our aircraft owners with the pre/post-flight inspection charges. Wait sorry, this month it wasn't on the pre/post-flight inspection charges, but rather on the consumables being charged for the latest maintenance work scope. Sounding familiar? 

Each of us has either heard of or directly experienced, what it is like to partner with someone that you can't trust. So why are you still paying a management fee to someone you don't trust with your asset?

Mira Vista does not own or operate a maintenance, (FAR Part 145), repair station. Being a separate company allows us to be completely unbiased in the oversight of every maintenance event that occurs on our managed owners' aircraft.  Meaning Mira Vista does not have any conflict of interest when determining what Part 145 repair station best serves our managed aircraft owners.  

Our team has decades of experience managing aircraft responsibly. We validate charges for our managed aircraft owners properly. Our experienced management team confirms charges, page by page, comparing each work proposal received against the final invoice submitted for payment by each maintenance provider. Our process often leads to an overall reduction in costs for the managed owner because we're asking the right questions. Is the work being done on a straight time basis? Did the return to service time slip due to inefficiencies at the Part 145 station? Subsequently, did the repair station now charge you overtime to get the aircraft returned to service when you, the owner, needed it done? Whose best interest does your management company serve in these situations, yours or theirs?

How often, as a managed aircraft owner, have you been asked to discount your hourly charter rate for, "a really good client?" Perhaps you've even heard they, "do 200 hours of charter a year," with your management company. It is only later you realize your account only saw 10 hours of charter with the remaining 190 hours going to other aircraft in the operator’s fleet. At Mira Vista, we measure client bookings to determine best how any proposed discount directly benefits our aircraft owner before we discuss any pricing adjustments.

As an aircraft owner, you pay top dollar amounts to crew your aircraft correctly. With that being an ever-increasing cost, does your current management company offer timely communications when they request to utilize your pilot on another account? Are you compensated when you grant that permission? Alternatively, is this another case of Colonel Davey, making money for the management company, on the ramp, using your pilots without your knowledge? Are you once again having to play detective to keep the management company honest?

Mira Vista aviation keeps it transparent, meet our team that ensures it stays that way. 


Patrick Lindsey, Owner and President:

Mira Vista Aviation President Patrick Lindsey is a pilot and jet owner. He started Mira Vista as a management business with an owner's viewpoint. This view allows us to exceed expectations and better care for our customers. Having been a customer himself he saw the gap between managements understanding of how to manage an aircraft and how to care for an owner. His goal is to make Mira Vista the company that not only competently manages aircraft and executes charter agreements but cares for its passengers and people.

Geoff Makely, Executive Vice President:

As Mira Vista Aviation's Executive Vice President Geoff directs and executes business goals and objectives for scalable, profitable, sustainable growth which directly benefits our managed aircraft clients. He implements key business performance initiatives while helping develop our people and teams with a focus on enhancing the business implications of decisions towards improved profitability. These action items are achieved through his proactive management approach, the willingness to lead by example and the ability to champion and lead change initiatives for the betterment of our managed owners and the overall organization.

Eric Young, Director of Maintenance:

Mira Vista Aviation Director of Maintenance, Eric Young, has played an integral role in the success of our managed aircraft initiatives. Eric’s distinguished career as an A & P mechanic, President of Part 145 repair facilities, and decades as a Director of Maintenance afford each managed aircraft owner the peace of mind to know that all work being performed on their asset is being diligently directed and overseen to ensure that all work done is performed at the highest standards with all costs are being validated no less than twice during each maintenance event. One time at the work scope proposal phase and once again upon receipt of the final work invoice.  

Stephen Tary, Director of Operations:

As Director of Operations, Stephen supports each aircraft owner, daily aircraft operations, and each member of the Mira Vista team. With 12 aircraft type ratings and over 13 years’ experience as a charter/corporate pilot, he understands the needs of aircraft owners and the industry as a whole. The key to Mira Vista's longevity and success is safety and customer-centric values; our constant goal is creating security in our operations with satisfied repeat clients.

Over the past 10 years as a charter/corporate jet manager, Stephen continues to work closely with aircraft owners to determine today’s needs and predict plans for the future. He strives each day to create an environment that will safely bring Mira Vista customers to their destinations, generate positive returns for owners, and exceed our client’s needs. The culmination of his work allows Mira Vista to safely provide impeccable service to high net worth individuals and global corporations; this is possible because of the support and collaboration of our entire team.

Richard Hopkins, Chief Pilot

After serving 22 and a half years in the Military as a Pilot, Operations Officer, Maintenance Officer, Instructor Pilot, and Safety Officer Richard joined the world of Civil Aviation. He flew a short time as a First Officer for Airborne Express before returning to help his father with the family farm while flying for Rocky Mountain Helicopters as the Chief Pilot for the company medical division. 

In 1993, Richard, along with three friends, started D&D Aviation- a global 10 or more FAR Part 135 Charter company. He served as the CEO, Director of Operations, and Company Check Airman for the next 23 and a half years. After selling the company he came to work with Mira Vista Aviation Owner and President, Patrick Lindsey and together they created a world-class charter company. 

Chris Wienholt, Director of Safety: 

Chris has been the main driver of synergistic practice in the development of a substantial Safety Management System (SMS) here at Mira Vista. Mr. Wienholt’s additional duties include serving all levels of the company as an advisor on safety matters, while developing and implementing safety programs for employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.  In addition to also being a Gulfstream captain for the company, Chris is also tasked with  performing annual facility safety audits, periodic evaluation of available training resources, assistance as necessary in the event of a governmental safety and/or health inspection, Wyvern and ARG/US audits, dissemination of safety-related information and bi-monthly Safety Newsletters, processing of Hazard and Incident Reports, yearly audits of the record-keeping department, quarterly audits of risk based audit areas, and oversight and facilitation of KCM badging for pilots.

Jennifer Do, Controller: 

As a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional, Jennifer has been meeting the accounting needs of individuals and corporations, from Texas to California, for the past nine years. She is the Controller at Mira Vista Aviation, handling all our day to day accounting needs. Jennifer is responsible for working directly with Mira Vista’s management team to provide our aircraft owners with tailored and comprehensive monthly management statements. Before joining our team, Jennifer worked as both an accountant and auditor, simultaneously, in public accounting and has been able to develop her accounting skills in many various industries.

Donna Messina, Operations Manager:

Donna’s decades of experience in aviation operations is an integral part of Mira Vista Aviation’s success in supporting our flight crews, cabin attendants and overall operations.  Donna’s attention to details in our flight crew compliance tracking, overall training requirement tracking, and management of 3rdparty safety audit information management of our crews is, without exception, one of the most comprehensive record keeping projects we have ever seen.   

Mirielle Sims, Senior Vice President Charter Sales and Dispatch: 

Mirielle brings nearly two decades of extensive ranging experience in the private aviation charter industry. Her career history includes building sales teams for several national aircraft management and charter companies through organic growth as well as team integrations through mergers and acquisitions. She previously held senior leadership positions at many of those companies because of her exceptional management and client service skills. At Mira Vista, she acts in various leadership roles, posting consistent growth while overseeing both sales and dispatch departments. She ensures a seamless operation and unparalleled performance from our charter sales and flight coordination teams. 

Tarek Awawoudeh, Charter Sales Director: 

Throughout a decade-long tenure in business aviation Tarek created a reputation for consistently delivering the highest level of customer service and custom passenger experiences. His background began in dispatch, operational management which gave him a thorough understanding of private flight logistics and client expectations. His talents and passion for aviation created a proven track record in delivering as a top charter sales producer in the industry. His role as Director of Charter Sales presents Tarek with the opportunity, and responsibility, of working discreetly and intimately with high profile clients and companies. The key to Mira Vista's continued sales growth is Tarek's direct client base and strong industry relationships with brokers and operators. Tarek provides Mira Vista clients with the utmost professional and comprehensive service possible.

Karina Rodriguez, Flight Coordinator: 

Karina’s almost 20 years in this industry have provided her the experience and industry expertise to superbly represent each managed aircraft owners’ best interest as her experience in both aircraft operations as well as an industry leader in Gulfstream specific charter sales have provided Karina lasting relationships in this industry along with the profound respect and acknowledgement from her peers.  Prior to joining Mira Vista Aviation, Karina was a top operations and sales manager in this industry.  She has arranged countless flights for our owners to every continent except for Antarctica, addressing all operational challenges encountered in foreign countries.   

Mira Vista Pilots and Cabin Attendants:

Perhaps our greatest asset is our flight crews, both up front as well as in the cabin as they are the true experience providers for our managed aircraft clients as well as our charter customers.  Delivering outstanding flights for our owners and customers, our flight teams train to the highest safety standards.  Mira Vista has earned an ARG/US Platinum rating, IS-BAO stage 2 rating with our Stage 3 audit scheduled for December 2019, and we are a certified Wyvern Wingman, recognized by the FAA, CAA in Canada and Europe’s CEN as the industry standard. These ratings brand Mira Vista as a top operator and management company and proves the company’s dedication to a robust safety culture. In addition, Mira Vista actively participates in CRM, ASAP, FOQA, ASIAS, and PRISM safety initiatives. 

Join Us

When you join Mira Vista, we ensure a detailed strategy for your plane. Mira Vista will handle all hiring, training, and currency of crews. The in-flight crew will handle all scheduling and logistics needed for each trip, including but never limited to flight plans, dispatch, catering, transportation, and customs. Our dispatch/flight coordinators manage and research fuel contracts with worldwide vendors for discounted fuel purchases to find the best rates. The dispatch team works with our flight crew to monitor fuel pricing at locations before a trip to ensure that fuel is purchased at the lowest possible rate. 

Alleviate the stress of aircraft ownership by creating a management strategy. With Mira Vista, your capital investment will be administered by professionals with an eye for detail and a passion for excellence.  Mira Vista is a service provider for each managed aircraft owner where we earn your respect and trust from continually performing for you, the aircraft owner.  We won't treat you as if you are a number. We answer any inquiry you have promptly, and we value the opportunity you provide us when managing your aircraft.  It is fun to play a detective game from time to time occasionally, but you shouldn't have to play it with your aircraft management company. Contact one of our professionals to make your aircraft work for you.