Gone Too Joon; What Air France Had Right

LOS ANGELES (July 15, 2019) –Air France has discontinued its Millennial (18-35) targeted Joon Airlines 17 months after it began flying, but that doesn’t mean the boutique-style companies aren’t wanted in the industry.

Joon came to creation to serve a younger population obsessed with wanderlust and a Groupon type steal. The airline intended to cut prices by flying cheaper cabin crews on routes that needed a little more interest, i.e., no one flew those routes. On the outside, the company certainty gave its target audience good vibes providing organic food and drink, signature cocktails, and digital entertainment. It proclaimed it was “a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant.”

It was all those things and Insta-worthy. Now, it’s canceled — Trè chic. Too many empty seats, protest-sparking wages, and multiple competitors in the low-fare market led to the terrible idea being found to be just that, a terrible idea. 

However, while cornering a demographic was less than wise, what wasn’t terrible was offering a boutique point of view to the airline industry. Consumers are making the jump from commercial to private for different reasons, and the boutique industry is undoubtedly on the rise. Why not fly with a full cocktail bar, great movie selection, and cabin crew ready to serve? 

Mira Vista Aviation, a boutique Jet Charter and Management company offers clients the opportunity to customize most anything aboard. Each of the large-cabin jets has an airshow capable of playing your favorite music or movies. Wifi capability allows customers to continue playing game applications or the use of any electronic. We are every bit of an entertainment channel. The bar on board, as well as the menu, is fully customizable to your taste or diet. Our Cabin servers can have your usual ready whenever you are, and we promise you’ll enjoy the company just as much on our aircraft as at your favorite rooftop bar. 

Our cabin crews are there to provide five-star service. From the moment you book your trip you are in the care of Mira Vista Aviation. Our sales team offers concierge service to ensure your trip to and from the aircraft is equally as satisfying as the flight. They also come with looks to kill thanks to designer Denise Gertmenian and fashion label Robert Talbot. We are a fashion brand. We are a personal assistant. Mira Vista Aviation is whatever you need it to be when flying; a lounge, a boardroom, or maybe a family room. 

Our operations are simple and streamline because we are a boutique company. We promise you receive all benefits of larger companies, like high safety ratings, with fewer headaches, like giant herds of people crowding the door. Joon didn’t have it all right, but their idea of being more personal and modern was far from wrong. Visit Mira Vista Aviation online to view our fleet and find out more on why we blend new ideas with old values.