We Aren't Insta Worthy

Pictures or it didn’t happen? We respectfully disagree. At Mira Vista Aviation, a boutique jet charter and management company, we aim to please, but we aren’t trying to infiltrate your timeline. We don’t have the anything worthy.

Mira Vista Aviation provides large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft for charter. Each kept to the impeccable standards of Mira Vista inside and out. Well maintained mechanical equipment is always a priority as is any safety measure. At your arrival, you may feel the urge to snap a picture of the mechanical marvel, but honestly having our aircraft up and running 24/7 is normal. Nothing noteworthy to capture.

Each cabin features a newly renovated interior in unique styles made from deluxe material. Our cabins are both FAA compliant and arranged to carry you comfortably on trips of any distance. Lavish bedding and gourmet catering are provided and delightfully displayed for enjoyment. But as photogenic as our cabins are, there’s nothing unique about our displays. The Mira Vista cabin is always in pristine condition, quickly glazed over.

Our in-flight crew is as well trained as they are dressed. Mira Vista pilots receive reoccurring training and examinations because passenger safety comes first. Pilots are dressed to impress in custom suits and ties by Robert Talbott. Mira Vista Cabin Servers are provided on every flight to assist in cabin operation. Cabin Servers are dressed in the Mira Vista line by Denise Gertmenian. Of course, our staff’s smiling faces are picture perfect. However, we kindly ask for no disruptive photography while they care for you. 

Pictures should capture unique events, breathtaking views or life successes. While we’re happy to deliver you to wherever these moments may take place, we certainly aren’t a part of them. So, skip the picture and enjoy your flight. We aren’t Instagram worthy.