A Photo is Worth a Thousand Comments

If a business doesn’t have imagery, does it even exists?  

Perhaps that questions seems more dramatic than a Netflix health documentary but it does hold truth. Imagery is a huge part of any company and a key point in Mira Vista Aviation. Imagery is expressive and gives sight to possibly trivial explanations. It also sets consumer expectation.

Mira Vista Aviation is a modern aircraft management and charter company located in Los Angeles, California. Mira Vista was founded on the ideal of being transparent with its owners and clients on all business platforms. Photography helps the company reach its goal by showing that it really does have some of the best-looking aircraft in the business.

Mira Vista Aviation took a note from midcentury America when developing its marketing materials. The sixties and seventies were a time when marketing as we know it today was still relatively new and picking up interest. Campaigns featured large images, catchy tags and short explanations. The 1966 ad has morphed into the Instagram post.

The 1966 ad portrayed idealism and the, “American Dream.” Today, we have real people portraying authenticity. Instagram posts as well as any social post have to feel authentic and connect to the target audience. Authenticity isn’t to say each post is a picture of the company, it merely invokes feeling. Regardless of idealism or authenticity; travel is still one of the most popular portrayals and emotion provoking topics we see currently.

With that understanding in mind Mira Vista set to implement this practice. Each client’s MV Jet is treated to a high-end photoshoot as well as a 3D walkthrough capture. These photos are then used across all of our platforms- website, social media, sales brochures and business cards. Each photograph gives an image of luxury and class while the 3D walkthrough gives people a chance to interact with the product.

Mira Vista’s collection of photographs are one of the companies most valuable assets. It’s landed MV Jets on Hollywood sets and in the laps of the notable. Photographs are often what sells an aircraft. It is what connects Mira Vista’s following to its work. As more consumers take to the skies to travel they too can appreciate what they see. Desire sets in, at the blink of an eye.

Desire is what turns a profit. Photography invokes that feeling. People know Mira Vista Aviation as a company that houses beautiful aircraft. What they see, is what they get; and so far, they can’t get enough.