May is for Large Cabin Jets

With Many Exclusive Events Taking Place in May, Think Large

The month of May boasts some of the most lavish events of the year with the Met Gala, Cannes International Film Festival, Chelsea Flower Show and Monaco Grand Prix all taking place.

Each event provides a potent cocktail of glamour, history and an awe-inspiring show. The people dazzle as much as the venue, and each will leave an everlasting impression. With the Met Gala behind us, the remaining prominent events provide travelers with multiple days and multiple options for attendance.

Blood, sweat, and tears are something that should only be linked to organizing a high-level, extravagant event not for only arriving at them. However, that's not always the case. According to Maxime Nerkowski, the head concierge at the InterContinental Carlton Hotel, one of his worst predicaments came in the form of booking a private jet for charter. 

"I received a request at 11 p.m. one night to organize a private plane. Not a small private plane, though," Nerkowski said. "It was for more than 100 people, leaving in the morning in eight- or nine-hours' time. Except it was not from Cannes, but from Morocco to another country. 

The request came from a person who was taking care of a big family, a royal family, who was on vacation at The Carlton. It was quite a challenge, as you can understand."

Nerkowski is one of three concierges from the prestigious international entity Les Clefs d'Or interviewed about their work by CNN. All three mentioned travel when answering about their most difficult or bizarre requests received. With a network of over 4,000 concierge service professionals in 50 countries, it's hard to believe that any request would be difficult, but when it comes to travel, you should leave your concierge requests to the professionals. 

If you find yourself traveling to one of the bucket-list events listed above, you should rely on Mira Vista Aviation for travel needs. Mira Vista Aviation boasts a fleet of many large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft and staff with a heart for service. Our aircraft can carry you to any destination, any time you need, and our team is available 24/7. 

A large cabin jet provides space for large parties traveling together or gives small parties room to spread out about the cabin. In addition, our Gulfstream V and Gulfstream 650 can fly from Los Angeles to London without the need to refuel, cutting travel time to Europe. A more cost-effective Gulfstream IV would require one stop in comparison to a multi-stop trip with a small cabin jet. Regardless of what Gulfstream best suits your needs, you're cradled in an aircraft with world-class cabin crew ready to serve when you fly Mira Vista.

 While last minute requests are something Mira Vista is at the ready to execute, it is suggested to plan for ease. When booking trips for outside the United States passengers need time to verify that they have current passports and travel documents required to exit and enter each country. Also, booking early ensures you'll have your choice of aircraft available. With the popularity and exclusivity of each event, aircraft are booked quickly for those attending and for those exhibiting. Advance notice helps the cabin crew personalize the cabin for your trip and alert the FBO (Fixed Base Operator) of your impending arrival for an all-around better experience. To begin booking with Mira Vista Aviation visit