We Aren’t Insta-Worthy

Pictures or it didn’t happen? We respectfully disagree. At Mira Vista Aviation, a boutique jet charter and management company, we aim to please, but we aren’t trying to infiltrate your timeline. We don’t have the anything worthy.

Mira Vista Aviation provides large-cabin Gulfstream aircraft for charter. Each kept to the impeccable standards of Mira Vista inside and out. Well maintained mechanical equipment is always a priority as is any safety measure. At your arrival, you may feel the urge to snap a picture of the mechanical marvel, but honestly having our aircraft up and running 24/7 is normal. Nothing noteworthy to capture.

Each cabin features a newly renovated interior in unique styles made from deluxe material. Our cabins are both FAA compliant and arranged to carry you comfortably on trips of any distance. Lavish bedding and gourmet catering are provided and delightfully displayed for enjoyment. But as photogenic as our cabins are, there’s nothing unique about our displays. The Mira Vista cabin is always in pristine condition, quickly glazed over.

Our in-flight crew is as well trained as they are dressed. Mira Vista pilots receive reoccurring training and examinations because passenger safety comes first. Pilots are dressed to impress in custom suits and ties by Robert Talbott. Mira Vista Cabin Servers are provided on every flight to assist in cabin operation. Cabin Servers are dressed in the Mira Vista line by Denise Gertmenian. Of course, our staff’s smiling faces are picture perfect. However, we kindly ask for no disruptive photography while they care for you. 

Pictures should capture unique events, breathtaking views or life successes. While we’re happy to deliver you to wherever these moments may take place, we certainly aren’t a part of them. So, skip the picture and enjoy your flight. We aren’t Instagram worthy. 

                                                              A Photo is Worth a Thousand Comments


If a business doesn’t have imagery, does it even exists?  

Perhaps that questions seems more dramatic than a Netflix health documentary but it does hold truth. Imagery is a huge part of any company and a key point in Mira Vista Aviation. Imagery is expressive and gives sight to possibly trivial explanations. It also sets consumer expectation.

Mira Vista Aviation is a modern aircraft management and charter company located in Los Angeles, California. Mira Vista was founded on the ideal of being transparent with its owners and clients on all business platforms. Photography helps the company reach its goal by showing that it really does have some of the best-looking aircraft in the business.

Mira Vista Aviation took a note from midcentury America when developing its marketing materials. The sixties and seventies were a time when marketing as we know it today was still relatively new and picking up interest. Campaigns featured large images, catchy tags and short explanations. The 1966 ad has morphed into the Instagram post.

The 1966 ad portrayed idealism and the, “American Dream.” Today, we have real people portraying authenticity. Instagram posts as well as any social post have to feel authentic and connect to the target audience. Authenticity isn’t to say each post is a picture of the company, it merely invokes feeling. Regardless of idealism or authenticity; travel is still one of the most popular portrayals and emotion provoking topics we see currently.

With that understanding in mind Mira Vista set to implement this practice. Each client’s MV Jet is treated to a high-end photoshoot as well as a 3D walkthrough capture. These photos are then used across all of our platforms- website, social media, sales brochures and business cards. Each photograph gives an image of luxury and class while the 3D walkthrough gives people a chance to interact with the product.

Mira Vista’s collection of photographs are one of the companies most valuable assets. It’s landed MV Jets on Hollywood sets and in the laps of the notable. Photographs are often what sells an aircraft. It is what connects Mira Vista’s following to its work. As more consumers take to the skies to travel they too can appreciate what they see. Desire sets in, at the blink of an eye.

Desire is what turns a profit. Photography invokes that feeling. People know Mira Vista Aviation as a company that houses beautiful aircraft. What they see, is what they get; and so far, they can’t get enough.

                                                                PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 19, 2017) - Patrick Lindsey’s life is no joke, but the comedy film’s title perfectly describes his routine.

Lindsey is President of Mira Vista Aviation, a private aircraft management and charter company located in both the Van Nuys and Santa Ana area. He also is Team Principal of Park Place Motorsports where he co-drives the No. 73 Porsche 911 GT3.R with Porsche Factory Driver Jörg Bergmeister. In between President and Team Principal he’s training.

In early 2016, Lindsey trained and became a typed Gulfstream IV SIC pilot. Weekly, he’s in a gym or on his home CXC Simulator training for the upcoming race event. Lindsey keeps his mind and body well maintained for whatever is coming his way. Whether it be daily business, a Mira Vista trip he’s flying or hopping in a racecar. Sept. 21-24 his two worlds collide in Monterey. He will compete in the Continental Tire

Grand Prix while hosting clients and friends of Mira Vista Aviation at one of North America’s most renowned racetracks, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

This specific race weekend begins with Lindsey in the pilot mindset. He’ll fly select members of the media into Monterey on an MV Jet. Once the aircraft has safely landed, he’ll guide guests to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for a weekend of racing. As he switches his headset for a helmet, Lindsey will change his mindset to that of a driver. He’ll sit with his engineers and co-driver Bergmeister to develop a winning strategy for the weekend.

Though the helmet may be on, business doesn’t stop. Lindsey takes the time in between sessions on track to check in with his teams at Mira Vista as well as aircraft owners. He will sit down with potential Park Place Motorsports clients and current crew members to cover details of the weekend’s car setup and the upcoming 2018 race season; one season spans January to October.

What draws Lindsey to these very different industries? Within both businesses lay the adrenaline of competition. Mira Vista Aviation is competing to be the best management and charter company, worldwide. Often that game includes the rush to deliver above and beyond service for clients and the unseen struggle for respect from unapologetically trite charter companies unwelcoming to fresh ideas.

Competition is the intention of the motorsport industry. Lindsey will be fighting for a jump in the GT Daytona points championship at Mazda Raceway. Park Place Motorsports currently sits fifth in the points championship after a late-season success streak. The team’s first win came at Lime Rock Park followed up by a second-place finish at Road America. However, due to multiple tire failures at VIRginia International Raceway and a tenth-place finish, the points championship remains in anyone’s favor.

He manages planes, trains and then jumps in his racing automobile. Watch Patrick Lindsey in action Sunday, Sept. 24, on FOX Sports 1 in the America’s Tire 250 race, a two hour and 40-minute sprint test. To see Mira Vista Aviation in action visit mvjet.com or email charter@mvjet.com.


Why We Sponsor

Sponsorship gives companies the chance to serve their community and expand their market reach, creating sensible ties.

Sponsorship is an act of trade. In some cases, it just offers marketing value while in other cases the value is far more precious. Sponsorship allows companies to grow roots and relationships with people involved in its environment. These creative avenues give back to the community, the client and the business.

From the start, Mira Vista's objective was to support the community in which it grows and network with the organizations along which it works. Company president Patrick Lindsey wants to serve those around Mira Vista and place faces with our company to create a personal touch. Whether it's a Little League team that needs jerseys or a series in need of trophies, Mira Vista wants in.

Mira Vista Aviation sponsors the No. 73 Park Place Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3R in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, North America’s premier sports car racing championship. The opportunity to sponsor the race car was a natural since Lindsey drives the Porsche along with Porsche factory driver Jörg Bergmeister. This sponsorship sets our company standard for corporate connections.

The company sponsors Park Place Motorsports to open new avenues for client entertainment or to reward clients and staff. With each sponsorship, we hope to create an experience that reinforces our appreciation for and loyalty to our clients and colleagues. Sponsorship also allows Mira Vista the opportunity to form more personal relationships in an exciting environment.

Mira Vista recently hosted a yacht outing for clients and friends during the Bubba Burger Grand Prix at Long Beach, California. From the upper deck, our guests lounged and indulged in catering while watching different races. Below, a certified sommelier served both the particular and adventurous wine drinkers. Guests also were encouraged to take a radio to listen to in-car chatter between the driver on track and the team on pit lane, while others were invited to watch the race from pit lane. Our guests left with a custom gift bag as a thank you.

The mix of partaking in a high-energy event and the exclusivity of our hospitality space served as the perfect "something special" for everyone. This is just one way sponsorships help grow the business.

On other weekends, Lindsey uses his Park Place Motorsports race team and Mira Vista support as an outreach program for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Kids from the foundation are invited to spend time with drivers and teams at a race. The time at track is warmly welcomed as an escape from the serious challenges faced by many of the kids. Seeing each smile makes this sponsorship worthwhile.

Mira Vista Aviation is a company seeking the inventive and inspiring. It aims to continue the mission of giving back to its employees, clients and the community through sponsorship. Lindsey envisions a company where success and giving come in the same breath.

Why Mira Vista Aviation is a Triple Threat

Mira Vista Aviation is proud to announce it is ARG/US Platinum Certified, holds IS-BAO rating and is a Wyvern Wingman Certified Operator. Each award was a necessary step forward in Mira Vista’s commitment to a robust safety culture.

Mira Vista took on the rigorous auditing offered by each agency to separate it from the thousands of other air charter operators in the U.S. The operations department at Mira Vista made it all possible by holding our processes to the highest standards and by relentless dedication to self-improvement. The awards verified the hard work and professionalism of Mira Vista’s operations team and elevated the company among the very best in the aviation business.

What do each of the listed achievements mean?

ARG/US International is an independent corporation that has developed a safety rating system for aircraft operators. It assigns a grade of Gold, Gold-Plus or Platinum to companies based on how well they are reaching their unique safety objectives. Platinum-rated companies represent less than 5 percent of the total industry operators overviewed by ARG/US International. Mira Vista, with the help of Mac Air Inc., is proud to have achieved an ARG/US Platinum rating for more than 10 continuous years.

Wyvern’s Wingman Certification is the industry’s most challenging and rewarding certification to achieve. Certified Wingman operators undergo an audit every 24 months to exceed standard air safety regulations by demonstrating the best aviation practices. This is known as The Wingman Standard. Mira Vista is proud to have Wyvern working alongside to ensure safe, proactive risk management practices.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a code of best practices designed to achieve high levels of safety and professionalism. It was created by International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations to aid flight departments in achieving goals. Mira Vista stands by the IS-BAO code and its goal to empower organizations to be more involved in safety culture.

Mira Vista Aviation will continue to uphold and seek the highest-regarded safety standards. Safety results in well-orchestrated travels for our customers and owners; this is our ultimate goal. No distance is too far; no goal is too lofty.


Mira Vista Aviation began with a mixture of feelings. There was the frustration of not receiving the service desired as a jet owner and the adrenaline of finally putting a foot down and doing something about the problem. After the storm, comes the calm. Unfortunately, in business that calm is just the waiting period where one twiddles fingers in anticipation of approvals to move the business forward.

Mira Vista was in the building process for more than a year. In late 2015, President Patrick Lindsey began studying and exploring different paths to make his dream a reality. But one day a more certain path became clear. In February 2016, Lindsey was introduced to businessman and owner of Mac Air Inc., Dori Abouzeid.

Mutual friends introduced the two businessmen. There was an initial understanding that one man was ready to move to a new venture, and the other was ready to make his dreams into reality. Over a game of golf, Abouzeid conveyed he was willing to pass on his hard work to someone ready and able to continue his good name.

Abouzeid started Mac Air Inc. in 2000, and it quickly became a diversified corporate aviation service company regarded for experience, customer service and award-winning safety practices. After 16 years, Abouzeid decided he wanted to step away from Mac Air Inc. to invest more of his time in another aviation business he started in Iraq.

During the process of setting up the purchase agreement, Lindsey developed a great deal of respect for Abouzeid. Lindsey noted Abouzeid’s appreciation toward both clients and staff was second to none. Abouzeid is a seasoned, enlightened and tough business man – one Lindsey felt anxious to learn from and get to know through the process.

The two men share common ground away from the golf course. Both Lindsey and Abouzeid are pilots and share the elevated gift of the 50,000-foot thinker. The two men have a passion for business projection. Abouzeid spent many conversations passing down his years of experience as he and Lindsey discussed the future of Mira Vista Aviation.

In early December 2016, Lindsey and Abouzeid closed on a purchase agreement. Abouzeid officially turned over Mac Air Inc. to Lindsey, and Lindsey began Mira Vista Aviation. Once the purchase was final, Mira Vista Aviation assumed two locations in the Los Angeles area – the original location in Van Nuys, California, and the Mac Air Inc. location in Santa Ana, California.

Mira Vista Aviation aims to continue and build on the impeccable reputation of Mac Air Inc.

"The Mira Vista vision is to continually improve the experience of private air travel,” Lindsey said. “This vision is at the center of every procedure, from operations and safety down to the smallest detail of in-flight services. I want to hire people who are willing to explore the possibilities of what better looks like. I want to give each owner and charter the best experience, simply because that is what I would want and how I would like to be treated."